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  • Freedom Advisory exists to deliver investment success

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  • We are your Investment office

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Investment Management

We use a diversified, multi-manager approach, with low market correlation and employ alternative strategies in addition to classic stock or bond portfolios. Hybrid Investing is similar to the multi-manager approach used by market-neutral and opportunistic hedge fund-of-funds.  However, by using mutual funds and other traditional, highly-liquid investment vehicles that employ hedge fund-like strategies, we hope to deliver to the investor a similar experience as a conservative hedge fund-of-funds in terms of absolute return, but absent many of the uncomfortable features of hedge funds. The actual investments come in a variety of packages including mutual funds, individually managed accounts, and limited partnerships.  They each have slightly different features, but are all designed to accomplish the same goal: lower-risk way to invest for growth.

Rules of investing includes the relationship of risk to reward, diversity, consistent accumulation, compounding wealth and the need to emotionally detached from the daily market fluctuations.


Dedicated Short

  • The strategy is to maintain net short as opposed to pure short exposure. Short bias managers take short positions in mostly equities and derivatives. Bond Hedge Funds that short bonds. That is, as interest rates rise, bond prices fall and these funds appreciate in value.

High Yield Bonds

  • Often called junk bonds, this subset refers to investing in low-graded fixed-income securities of companies that show significant upside potential. Managers generally buy and hold high yield debt.

Distressed Debt

  • Fund managers invest in the debt, equity or trade claims of companies in financial distress and generally bankruptcy. The securities of companies in need of legal action or restructuring to revive financial stability typically trade at substantial discounts to par value and thereby attract investments when managers perceive a turn-around will materialize.


  • Funds that invest in bonds and preferred stock issues that are convertible into the stock of the same issuer if the stock reaches certain price level. The convertible therefore has stock and bond features. It is expected to increase in price as the issuer’s stock rises, while the bond structure of the convertible may limit its losses when the stock’s price falls.


  • Funds that invest in publically-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts, which are real estate companies that trade on the stock exchanges.

Asset Allocation

  • In these funds (which are also referred to as “global macro” styles), managers carry long and short positions in any of the world's major capital or derivative markets. These positions reflect their views on overall market direction as influence by major economic trends and/or events. The portfolios of these funds can include stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities in the form of cash or derivatives instruments.


  • Funds that use derivatives or stocks to gain exposure to the performance of a basket of commodities such as energy, metals and grains.

Markets and Asset Classes Offering Advice

Freedom Advisory, LLC offers advice on a variety of markets, investments, and alternatives with the objective to maintain a low correlation between assets.

Structured Finance

  • Securitization
  • Asset-backed security
  • Collaterized debt obligation
  • Collaterized mortgage obligation
  • Credit-linked note
  • Mortgage-backed security
  • Commercial mortgage-backed security
  • Residential mortgage-backed security
  • Unsecured bond
  • Agency Securities


  • Bond market
  • Stock market
  • Futures market
  • Foreign exchange market
  • Commodity market
  • Spot market
  • Over-the-counter Market (OTC)


  • Bonds by coupon
  • Fixed rate bond
  • Floating rate note
  • Zero-coupon bond
  • Inflation-indexed bond
  • Commercial paper
  • Perpetual bond


  • Bond
  • Equities
  • Investment Fund
  • Derivatives
  • Structured finance
  • Agency Securities


  • Options
  • Warrants
  • Futures
  • Forwards
  • Credit Derivatives
  • Hybrid Securities

Investment Funds

  • Mutual fund
  • Index Fund
  • Exchange-traded fund (ETF)
  • Closed-end fund
  • Hedge fund
  • Unit Investment Trusts
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

Bonds by Issuer

  • Corporate bond
  • Government bond
  • Municipal bond
  • Sovereign bonds

Equities (Stock)

  • Stock
  • Share
  • IPO
  • Short Selling
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